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New Listing Site: Liquic.com

A press release rolls out new services at Liquic.com:

Liquic.com is a comprehensive online health and wellness resource for individuals seeking a better quality of life, providing access to coaches, psychologists, yoga instructors, dieticians, fitness experts, relationship therapists, counselors and financial advisors regardless of physical location.  By merging the traditional world of psychology, the practical hands-on touch of the coaching and counseling industry, and the exciting techniques of alternative and holistic wellness, Liquic is able to serve as a gateway to improved overall well being.

Today, Liquic.com launches its eClinic facility in beta test mode, connecting mental health and wellness professionals with consumers online. Signaling the convergence of professional consultations and online communication, Liquic enables professionals worldwide to grow their practice area virtually through bylined articles, videos, online chat, email sessions and more.

Included in the eClinic’s areas of expertise are body and health wellness; mental health and personal development; finances and money; family; children; and intimacy.  Consumers can utilize the site’s comprehensive database to find practitioners based on their individual needs, browse a variety of health related articles and videos, or connect directly with select professionals. Since the site is location sensitive, professionals with premium listings are presented on the home page to consumers in their area.

“Liquic brings two eager groups in contact with each other – professionals who want to reach out to new clients with new techniques, and individuals who are looking for a low-barrier of entry for personal help,” said John Khoury, CEO of Liquic.com. “People are looking more and more to preventative health measures and are increasingly rejecting medical solutions to cognitive and emotional issues. Liquic offers a single online location for consumers to educate themselves on treatment options and connect with professionals – as well as a one-stop-shop for professionals to present themselves and conduct their work online.”

For March, 2010,  create a profile for the online sessions and get a free premium listing for 6 months (usually 500 bucks).

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