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Webinar Series for Therapists

From therapistmatch.com, a series of webinars for therapists about building a visible
presence on the Internet.

Getting Listed in Local Business Search Results duration: 15:15

There are over half a billion searches for local businesses (including therapists) in Google each month. In this webinar, you will learn the essential skill of listing your therapy practice website on the Google Local Business Center so that you can be found. We also teach you how to list your website in the Yahoo and Bing Local Business Centers, as well as show you a tool for easily verifying your listings in the local business centers.

Submit My Practice Website to the Search Engines duration: 6:03

Learn the important skill of submitting your therapy practice website to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Best Practices for Emailing Prospective Clients duration: 7:17

Every day, prospective clients are emailing therapists for a potential initial session. Do you know what the best practices for responding to these emails are? Learn how to effectively respond to emails from prospective clients so that you increase the probability that they become a client.

Also, posted previously, and full of very useful tips:

Search Engine Optimization for Therapists duration: 42:43

In this webinar, you will learn how the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization for your therapy practice website. Topics include: How Search Engines work, how to do keyword research, which keywords to use on your website, where should the keywords go, linking, social media and much more.

The upshot:  Just having a website isn’t necessarily going to bring you clients.  There are ways to build a site and ways to promote it so it gets seen.  (If all of this is Greek to you (and you don’t speak Greek), you can always try WTCI Web for inexpensive/effective/friendly help.)

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