Where the Client Is

Building a better private practice

Build Your Practice…with Help

Try this:  Google “psychotherapy” or “psychotherapist” plus the town or neighborhood where you work (e.g., “psychotherapy Winston-Salem”).

What comes up?  Is it you and your web site?  Because this is exactly how people find therapists these days.

Don’t despair if you don’t show up on the first page of results yet.  You can.  Help is available!

I will help build your web presence, whether it’s starting from scratch or strengthening what you’ve already got going.  I’ve done this for others with amazing results–practices developed from near-zero to full–fast–just months.

You next…?

Build a site, build your business–with the help of a fellow therapist.  Write to get started:  wheretheclientis@gmail.com.  (No one in Los Angeles, please.)


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