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DSM-5 Arrives




Stormy weather for the DSM. Some reactions and reactions to the reactions:

DSM-5 is here: Are psychiatrists ready to stop arguing about it? (L.A. Times)

The Books Stops Here (NYT)

Psychiatry’s New Diagnostic Manual: “Don’t Buy It. Don’t Use It. Don’t Teach It.” (Mother Jones)

Here’s the NYT’s 2012 take:

The committee of doctors appointed by the psychiatric association had attempted to execute a paradigm shift, changing how mental disorders are conceived and posting its proposals online for the public to comment. And comment it did: Patient advocacy groups sounded off, objecting to proposed changes in the definitions of depression and Asperger syndrome, among other diagnoses. Outside academic researchers did, too. A few committee members quit in protest. […]

[M]any experts inside and outside the process said the final document was not radically different from the previous version, and its lessons more mundane than the rhetoric implied. The status quo is hard to budge, for one. And when changes do happen, they are not necessarily the ones that were intended.

Lots more reaction across the web.  Here’s an early dismissive voice.

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